The Charlton Sustainability Hub

Revitalizing Rural Communities in Northern Ontario

Who We Are

The Northern Ontario Center for Sustainable Development Co-Op and Keepers of the Circle have formed the Charlton Sustainability Hub to bring this dream to life. Together we can build a new quality of life using traditional Indigenous knowledge, and contemporary Western knowledge together, in an inter-cultural space.

Our mission is to build capacity in a low-carbon economy to adapt to the challenges and opportunities faced by the climate crisis. The Charlton Sustainability Hub will facilitate cross-community and cross-sector interactions at the site and via the virtual hub. Through skill and knowledge collaboration, the Charlton Sustainability Hub will be a catalyst for change-- and the agent that attracts people to future-focused living within their planetary boundaries for the benefit of the next generations to come.

District of Timiskaming's Cultural-Linguistic Competency Framework Resources can be found here.

Our Pillars of Expertise

Indigenous Cultural Reclamation

Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Cultural Reclamation: An Introduction to Positionality in Partnership.

Reversing Youth Out-Migration

Accelerating careers, community support, net-zero living, identifying economic opportunities in climate adaptation and affordable living opportunities for youth entering the work force.

Transition to New Green Economy

Building net-zero carbon housing, with a focus on resource management; reducing, repurposing and upcycling, appliance repair, green economy business opportunities, textile repairs, woodwork, refurbishment, and more!

Food Security

Healthy local food production, preparation, and storage, including outdoor growing, greenhouse growing, aquaponics, and animal husbandry.

Renewable Energy

Specializing in renewable energy systems (solar, wind, water), surface and groundwater management, and alternative heating options (rocket mass heaters, passive solar).

Ways You Can Get Involved!


Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that the Charlton Sustainability Hub is located on traditional Algonquin Anishinabeg Territory, with territorial assertions from MĂ©tis Nation and Wabun First Nations on the lands upon which the Hub operates. We recognize the Robinson-Huron Treaty of 1850 and respect claims to land and title whereupon the lands that we occupy as a settler entity. In this, we strive for an environment of inclusivity, respect and honouring of all world-views.

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