Our Commitment

We establish and maintain a mutually respectful relationship between Indigenous and settler peoples of this land. We work together in solidarity to provide recognition and support the deep connection Indigenous peoples have with their land. We know that reconciliation begins here with supporting reclamation of identity, culture, language and nationhood of Indigenous people in every capacity possible.

The Challenge

Changing the nature of our relationship with Indigenous Peoples is a constant evolving process. Due to the long history of broken promises and false hope, it can be difficult for many Indigenous communities to trust that meaningful change will occur. Our society needs to rise above the outdated and deeply oppressive ways of thinking in order to move forward and establish true equality, respect, and justice. It is important for Canadians to remember our horrific history of cultural genocide and to move forward on the road towards reconciliation.

Watch CBC's video on Chief Robert Joseph, where he shares his experience as a residential school survivor and the importance of truth and reconciliation in Canada.